Non-linear detectors


Width of the directional pattern

Due to the fact that the LORNET STAR sets consist of several different heads of non-linear detectors, their directional pattern width ranges from 16° for the LORNET STAR 36 or 36m head to 120° for the LORNET STAR 08 head. The LORNET STAR 836 model is also a combination of two types of antennas with a diraction pattern width of 16 and 120°, which makes it possible to accurately locate the semiconductor

Penetrating power

The penetrating power for LORNET 836 and LORNET STAR is the penetrating ability of an electromagnetic wave with a frequency of 800 MHz, so that the detection is possible in humid environments and in environments with high attenuation


The 2400-family LORNET STAR and 836-family LORNET heads allow you to detect even a Nano-SIM card at a distance of up to 5m


The set of LORNET STAR and LORNET 836, which is a combination of all types of heads of non-linear detectors, provides all the advantages of These heads. For each environment in which the search will be performed and for each infrastructure, a head with the required frequency and width of the radiation pattern is selected. Humid environment, open area, concrete, office. The combination of advantages of all heads gives the maximum result