Problem with the device? Anything gone wrong? We will make every effort to solve your problem as quickly as possible and without unnecessary hassle. Please note that an extended warranty is provided for almost the entire list of our product range.
Extended 2-year warranty
We provide an additional second year of warranty for our customers free of charge compared to what other manufacturers of similar equipment usually offer. And you can also purchase an additional third year at a unique price
One-time express replacement
Unique service: if a manufacturing defect is detected during the warranty period, we undertake to replace your LORNET with a new one within one month at our expense!
Fast decision-making process
You will not stay unprotected for long. The guarantee application is processed within one working day. The average return, repair, and delivery time takes up to two months.
Confidence. Reliability. LORNET
Each device is tested multiple times at different stages of assembly. Confidence in each product of the LORNET line allows us to extend the standard warranty period up to 2 years! And it's absolutely FREE and ALREADY INCLUDED in every set!
No questions asked.
We appreciate your trust to LORNET and trust you in return! That is why we are ready to replace your device for a new one once during the entire warranty period. No questions asked. We understand how dangerous it is to be without protection for a long time, so the maximum exchange period is 1 month!
Warranty application
To contact the warranty service, please fill out the form below. Try to describe the essence of the problem in detail, fill in all the fields, and also attach a video or photo.
Please note!
Lornet Elvira does not provide any warranty for damage caused to our products as a result of improper operation, attempts to disassemble or self-modify of the device. Be sure to keep the device's passport as proof of the date of purchase when submitting an application form.