LORNET nonlinear junction detector

Nonlinear detector (the detector of semiconductor elements) — a compulsory tool for detection of illegally installed electronic devices (including audio and video recording)
Lornet Star Elvira



The world’s only multifunctional nonlinear detector with an integrated spectrum analyzer of the 2nd and the 3rd harmonics and interchangeable transciever heads of 3 frequency bands: 800, 2400 and 3600 MHz


Lornet 836 Elvira



Exclusive nonlinear detector with the probing signal of 3600 MHz and the possibility of remote detection of semiconductor elements with a spatial target selection


Lornet 36 Elvira



The world’s only nonlinear detector operating simultaneously in two frequency ranges: 800 MHz and 3600 MHz


Lornet is a Family of nonlinear junction detectors from Russia’s leading expert in the field of radio frequency analyzers

Lornet NLJD equipment is used technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM) works via detecting hidden electronics: bugs, SIM-cards, microphones, voice recorders and almost all types of semiconductors in any operational mode in premise as well as outdoors. Lornet devices are extremely competitive with regard to the world’s leading manufacturers

Lornet 24 Elvira



Ultracompact and lightweight nonlinear detector with 2400 MHz probing frequency



Our developments create the technological trends in the world market of nonlinear detectors


the world’s first nonlinear detector featuring a spectrum analyzer (Lornet Star)


the world’s first dual-frequency nonlinear detector (Lornet 836)


the world’s first nonlinear detector featuring a spatial selection (Lornet 36)


the world’s first nonlinear detector featuring a probing signal 2400 MHz (Lornet 24)


Since 2006, nonlinear detectors Lornet have been successfully used by specialists of Russian law enforcement and military structures

Sales geography includes but not limited to the United States, the EU, China, India, Israel and others

Lornet Elvira



Reliable, simple to operate and inexpensive nonlinear detector in classical performance with the probing frequency of 900 MHz




Remote search technology of artificial semiconductors implemented in the Lornet 36 and 836 detectors ( 3-10 meters ), helps you to extend its functionality up to the specific tasks of the explosive devices detection, the components of which may include mobile phones and others electronics


We value our reputation of high-precision equipment manufacturer

  • Highly qualified experts with years of experience development and manufacture of special radio equipment
  • Multi- testing system of finished devices with the use of the most cutting edge measurement technology
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