The world's most compact professional non-linear inspection detector. Capable of detecting miniature electronic devices

Non-linear detector


  • 2400MHz transmitter signal range - a generally accepted standard for indoor operations
  • Miniature device detection
  • Removable telescopic pole
  • Compatible with non-linear detectors of the LORNET STAR set

The device is able to detect any electronic devices that can be both ON and OFF from the power source. The design of the device resembles a hand-held metal detector, so it is ideal for screening individuals

Convenience of search

Convenience of search

The small weight of the device, compact design and removable telescopic pole allow you to carry out inspection and difficult conditions of limited space


Detection of any electronic devices

The device is able to detect the smallest and best shielded electronic devices

Convenience of search


Any non-linear LORNET STAR detector can be equipped with one or two additional antenna modules with a different frequency range, using a common handle-control panel and a telescopic pole

Transport packaging

Standart: The set of the product LORNET STAR 24 is delivered in a special cloth bag, which protects the device from damage

Export: In the export version, the product LORNET STAR 24 is delivered in a case-packing

Advanced transport packaging
Advanced transport packaging
Technical parameters


2406 - 2414 MHz

Two types of radiated signal:

"Pulse" - Pulse modulation of the carrier frequency with a duty cycle:


"CW" - Continuous carrier frequency radiation:

Maximum peak power of radiation in pulse mode (Pulse)

10 W

Maximum average radiation power in pulse mode (Pulse)

230 mW

Maximum continuous radiation power (CW)

200 mW

The range of manual power adjustment

20 dB

Width of the direction diagram

90 degree


Frequency rate:

Second harmonic

4812 - 4828 MHz

Third harmonic

7218 - 7242 MHz

Receiver sensitivity is not worse

-110 dBm

Dynamic range of the receiving tract (including the attenuator)

24 (10) dB

The amount of frequency channels when automatically selecting the receiving channel



Li-ion battery:


12 V


7.8 Ah

Continuous operation time at maximum power not less than:

In Pulse mode

3 h

In CW mode

1.5 h

Size and weight

The device size:

In working condition, without telescopic rod

47х10х5.5 cm

In fold condition, without telescopic rod

29х10х7.5 cm

Telescopic rod size in fold condition

43х4х4 cm

Size of the telescopic rod in the extended state

99х4х4 cm

Weight in working condition, without telescopic rod

700 g

Telescopic rod weight

0.4 kg

The size of the bag

50х26х12 cm

Weight in transport package

2.4 kg

Export package dimensions

44х38х16 cm

Weight in export package

4.5 kg

Operating terms

Operating temperature range

from +5 to +40°С

  • The removable telescopic pole allows the operator to easily turn the device type from search to inspection and back
  • Maximum search efficiency for any electronic devices in the most difficult conditions when used with other interchangeable antenna modules LORNET STAR
  • The presence of an additional battery with a charging time significantly less than the discharge time allows for round-the-clock operation of the device if necessary
  • The appearance of the device resembles a hand-held metal detector and is therefore convenient for inspection of individuals after passing the frame metal detector
  • The small thickness (22 mm) of the antenna module, compact design and light weight of the device allow you to perform search operations in a limited space and hard-to-reach places
  • Two types of radiated signals: pulse modulation of the carrier frequency with a duty cycle of 44 (Pulse) and continuous signal (CW)
  • Recognition (identification) of electronic components from natural semiconductors (rust, metal-to-metal contacts, etc.) in CW mode, by listening to the signal from the output of the amplitude detector through the built-in speaker or headsets when receiving the 2nd and 3rd harmonics
  • CW mode can be used to detect working analog radio microphones due to the occurrence of the acoustic feedback
  • Additional assessment of the 2nd and 3rd harmonic levels by listening to the frequency of clicks played through the built-in speaker or wireless headphones
  • Automatic search for the frequency channel with the lowest level of interference for operation in a difficult electromagnetic situation
  • Automatic and manual power output adjustment
  • Manual adjustment of receiver sensitivity
Equipment kit
  • Replacement antenna module "LORNET STAR 24"
  • Handle-control panel with built-in battery container
  • Removable telescopic pole
  • 2 (two) replaceable (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries (12 V)
  • Charging unit for rechargeable battaries
  • 220V battery charger for rechargeable batteries
  • Headphone
  • Transport bag-stowage
  • Documentation (operator's manual, passport)
  • Counterintelligence(TSCM)
  • Search the premises for electronic devices, including small-sized ones (bugs, voice recorders, etc.) in the on or off state
  • Search vehicles for unauthorized electronics, including RFID tags, GPS trackers, etc.
  • Inspection of people after the frame metal detector for the passage of prohibited electronics (bodyless digital voice recorders, SIM cards, etc.)
  • Antiterror
  • Inspection of items (parcels, suspicious bags, etc.) for the presence of electronic components of explosive devices and metal-damaging fragments