Non-linear detectors

Series 3600 (3600 MHz)

Width of the directional pattern

The 3600 Series of non-linear LORNET detectors have an ultra-small width of the beam diagram of only 16°, which makes it possible to accurately determine the location of hidden electronic devices. For operator convenience, there is a laser pointer, mounted on the front of the antenna's head.

Penetrating power

As a result of the high frequency, 3600 MHz has a weak penetrating power and is not suitable for analyzing environments with high attenuation.


NLJDs LORNET 36 and STAR 36m are able to detect a SIM card at a distance of 1m


They are ideal for performing search and anti-terrorist operations in an open area at a safe distance of 3-5 meters for the operator. At the expense to a narrow directional pattern with a laser aiming beam, the device allows for accurate spatial selection