Lornet Star
Offers the combination of operating options in absorbing medium with high humidity, the detection of small (less than 1 cm2 ) semiconductors elements and the remote detection with spatial target selection
Lornet Star
Universal control knob with interchangeable antenna units and universal telescopic rod can easily convert the detector from discover to inspection mode and back)
Lornet Star
Integrated spectrum analyzer of 2nd and 3rd harmonics can significantly improve the identification of semiconductor elements. The availability of interchangeable antenna units delivers the benefit of all three frequency range
Lornet Star
Reliable detection of the SIM-card at a distance of 15 cm (2400 MHz) and 60 cm (3600 MHz)
Lornet Star


Lornet Star


Performing indoor search works by taking advantage of all 3 bands

Lornet Star


Effective at inspection work


For efficient identification of artificial and natural semiconductors a visual spectrum analyzer is used or a listening through a built in speakerphone or headphones after AM decoding of the signal in continuous mode is done


User friendly interface and unified push-button control. It does not require pre-setting before the start


Lornet is equipped with an automatic system of protection against centered jamming by criterion of a minimum noise in the reciever path of the 2nd harmonic


Vivid and explicit indication of power levels of the signal and the received harmonic-waves

Lornet Star


Electromagnetic radiation towards the operator is many times less than one setted by the Regulator

The world only one multifunctional nonlinear detector featuring an integrated spectrum analyzer of 2nd and 3rd harmonics and interchangeable antenna unit of 3 frequency bands: 800 MHz, 2400 MHz and 3600 MHz
Lornet Star
Lornet Star

Supply package

  • Control knob Lornet Star
  • Universal telescopic rod Lornet Star"
  • 2 removable (LI-ION) rechargeable batteries (12V)
  • Battery charging container
  • Battery charging adaptor (220V)
  • Lornet Start Package can include up to 3 Interchangeable Antenna Unit (IAU) from 4 options:
    • IAU Lornet Star 08, 800Mhz (option)
    • IAU Lornet Star 24, 2400Mhz (option)
    • IAU Lornet Star 24s, 2400Mhz with spectrum analyzer
    • IAU Lornet Star 36m, 3600Mhz (option)
  • Transportation bag
  • Documentation (user manual, certificate)

Technical characteristics

Transciever heads 08 24 24s 36m
Probing signal frequency range 800MHz 2400MHz 2400MHz 3600MHz
The maximum power of the probing signal (peak // average):
Pulse mode 10W//230mW 10W//230mW 10W//230mW 18W//112mW
Continuous mode 300mW 300mW 300mW
Pulse mode with small duty cycle (CW) 6W//375mW
Receiver sensitivity -110dBm
The adjustment range of the probing signal power 20dB
The dynamic range of the receiving path 24dB
Battery life at maximum power in a pulse (continuous) mode 3,0h
Device dimensions 40х20х7cm 40х20х7cm 40х20х7cm 40х20х20cm
Telescopic rod size 54х4х4 (86х4х4)cm
The full weight of the item in active state without rod 1kg
Telescopic rod weight 0.2kg
The bag dimensions 65х30х20cm
Maximum weight of the devices within the bag 3kg
The operating temperature range from +5 to +40℃
Lornet Star

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